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Welcome to Rosé Cheeks

to family, good food and great wine

Welcome to Rosé Cheeks, a cheeky little blog about the wine we drink, the food we eat with it, and the family and friends we share these experiences with. May you all have Rosé Cheeks every now and again! Cheers!


A Petit Verdot Passover

Passover came and went almost two months ago (where has the time flown!), and I’m yet to tell you about the best part of my seder night -...

Here's to the holidays!

Happy new year, and happy Australia Day all! It’s so hard to believe that we’re already a month into 2021. Those Christmas holidays feel...

Supermarket wine wonders

Sometimes, life isn’t fancy. It’s not boutique this and gourmet that. Especially when life is busy, as it has been for the last few...

A night of wine and fun

Last Friday night was a bit unlike any other I’ve had in a long, long time. Because it was TRIVIA night, and not just any trivia night,...

Why i NEED a wine blog

My name is Inna. I drink a lot of wine. But not because I’m dependant on the buzz, or seeking that next gulp of wow – wine is in my DNA....


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